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Updated: Aug 14, 2019

Let me start off by saying I’m a financial analyst. I like numbers. Numbers help me tell a story about whether a company is thriving or about to run themselves into the ground. Now, I get that this is a weird way to start a blog post about fitness… But fitness is all about numbers. How long you work out, how much you lift, how many times you lift, how much you rest, how much you eat. Numbers, numbers, numbers.

So, how do we keep track of all of the numbers? Enter the fitness watches.

For the last month, I’ve had the opportunity to take one of these watches for a test drive. The Misfit Vapor. Before I go into the review of the watch itself, let me preface with what I look for in a fitness band:

  1.  I need a watch that has a simple interface and is intuitive

  2.  I need a watch that can track workouts other than running or cycling (i.e. weight training)

  3. I need a watch that is waterproof and durable

  4. I need a watch that has smart notifications that I can actually read

So now that I’ve got you prepped on my needy little needs, let’s get to it:

Simple Interface/Ease of Use

The Misfit Vapor Watch right out of the box looks clean and has a simple interface. Check. However, when it comes to ease of use, that’s where I struggled a bit… I was using a Garmin Vivosmart HR for the last 2 years and I figured out how the whole watch worked in 10 minutes. Granted, the Vapor is a heftier all-purpose smartwatch and will be more complicated by nature; but, I felt like it took me 30-45min of playing around to figure out how to use all of the features of the watch.  Now a month later, I am able to fly through the watch no problem and that’s not really an issue anymore.

Workout Tracking (Watch/App)

This is the part that I thought the watch lacked the most for me, unfortunately. I tried using both the Misfit Fitness and the Google Fit apps on the watch and phone. The Misfit fitness watch app doesn’t currently have a weight training tracking ability since it focuses on running, cycling, and swimming. The Google Fit app has a weightlifting option but it wants me to do manual inputs throughout the whole workout… For me, I’d rather just say that I’m weightlifting and have the watch just keep track of my heart rate and log when I start and stop exercising (to help track calories burned). I tried letting the watch track my activity for an hour-long weight training session, but it only said I was “active” for 11 minutes (I promise I was working out and not just sitting around…)

So, long story short, if you are a run, cycle, or swim, this watch will be great. The running worked fine and seemed to track my activity well. But, if you like to lift or do anything else… You might want to look elsewhere.


The watch is waterproof. So that box is also checked. And, so far, the watch seems quite durable as well. The watch itself is metal and you can switch out the bands to be whatever you want (which is a nice feature). I can have a silicone band for when I’m exercising and a metal band if I want to use the watch to look a bit fancier (i.e. formal events). From a durability standpoint, you’re set.

(Note: I bought a tempered glass screen cover for the watch for like $9 on Amazon‘cause I drop stuff)

SmartWatch Use and Notifications

Here is where the watch thrives. I know that Misfit started out as a fitness tracker company, but I felt that this was a great start to their smartwatch lineup. With the Vapor, I’m able to track time, sunrise/sunset, weather, my next appointment, and more all from one screen. The options are literally endless. Notifications for meetings, emails, text messages, or anything else all come through in large text for me to scroll and read through completely. I can see who is calling and accept or decline the call right on the watch (all very helpful while in meetings or at dinner without having to pull out my phone).

Another cool feature is that you can use the “OK Google” feature to talk to your watch and have it look up anything from the weather, directions, and more. If it’s something that takes more research, it sends the link/solution right to your phone. The only downside to this feature is that the searching part and voice recognition is a bit slow. But that can be fixed over time with updates.


Overall, I’d give the Misfit Vapor watch a decent 3.5 out of 5 stars. The main downside is just the fitness feature. For me personally, I was hoping for an all-around solution instead of a nice smartwatch. But, that’s the thing… I can’t complain about having a nice smartwatch when I can pick up a decent fitness tracker off the market for $50-$100. At the end of the day, it’s a watch I’d recommend.

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