What to do in Vegas during COVID

2020 has been one hell of a year. From the virus to murder hornets and to the shut down of major cities, I don’t believe we can even be surprised anymore. For me, the toughest part is the feeling of being trapped in your town with nowhere to go and nothing to do.

If you have kids it’s even tougher as they’ve been home with you day in and day out without the celestial reprieve of the public education system. If you fall into the parenting bucket I’m describing, I bet you feel like you could use a vacation now more than ever…

This is exactly how my wife and I were feeling come August of this year. Every even year my wife and I plan a “parents only” vacation as a way to give us a break from our children (you all know you need it too) and to help rekindle our love and lives. It’s nice to remember what things were like “pre-children” again.

There was just one problem with this vacation that we had planned more than a year ago… CORONAVIRUS

We were first worried that our trip would be canceled completely until we saw that Nevada was opening up towards the end of July with some heavy restrictions. Although we were sad that many things would be unavailable during our trip, we still forged forward knowing that we couldn’t pass up a weekend to ourselves with babysitters already in place. So, if you’re like us with plans to Vegas (or needing a place to go) here’s a few things to know before you go as well as some of the best things you can still do so you aren’t asking what to do in Las Vegas during the Pandemic.

What to know:

1. You’ll be wearing a mask everywhere

This goes without saying and is strictly enforced. If wearing a mask doesn’t bother you, then you’ll be fine. We had to wear a mask 100% of the time when inside any building and when at the pool (unless we were actually in the water from the waist down). It’s recommended that you wear your mask while walking the Strip, Fremont Street, or when around other large groups of people. There are also lots of signs and markings reminding you to have 6 feet apart from the next group.

2. All of the shows are shut down except a few rare or later showings

Not much to this one… We were super bummed that we couldn’t go to any of the magic shows we wanted to see. As of today (September 2nd) there are a few shows that are listed on the Vegas website showing some are resuming in November.