7 Ways to Thrive while Parenting during the Holiday Season

Parenting is a daunting task for those of us that take the plunge. Then, go and add on “the craziest time of year” with travel, family gatherings, and uncle Dave’s endless stories about things you “totally care about” while your kids run around naked with their cousins. Fun right?

Well, it’s not all that bad. The holiday season is a time for traditions, lots of food, and making memories. Seeing your kids open up the toy “they always wanted” and the joy on their faces makes it all worth it. But, in case you want to thrive while parenting during the holidays, here are a couple of reminders to get the most out of the season:

1. Plan Ahead with Flexibility in Mind

Planning during the holidays is hectic. You’ve got school plays, community service projects, family get-togethers, and more all within 30 days. Planning out your activities on a Google Calendar or with an app like FamilyApp that lets you communicate and schedule with family easily will help you a ton. With a calendar on your phone, you can set up notifications to make sure you don’t miss a single event this year.

BUT! Keep in mind that you also need to save some time in your schedule to be flexible. The holidays are crazy and there’s always something fun to do. So, leave a few nights empty so that you can flex your spontaneity muscles and do something fun! Or, set a new family tradition that each night during the week one family member gets to pick a random holiday-themed activity: watch a movie, make gingerbread houses with graham crackers, drive around to see Christmas lights, go caroling, make sugar cookies, or make ice cream out of freshly fallen snow!

2. Eat REAL Food