So you wanna start a blog… why??

Alright, let’s be real here. Everyone and their dog wants to start a blog, has started a blog, or doesn’t give a flying rat’s hairy cheeks about blogs. Period. If you’re part of the third label I just mentioned, you might want to just hit that back button to take you to your facebook/instagram feed to look for fail videos. If you are part of either of the other two groups, well, what’s the point to blogging anyway…?

So I ask:

Why blog?

What’s the point?

Who cares?

Well, quite frankly, you do. And I bet a lot of other people do too.

When I first had the idea of starting a “Dad Blog” or a “DIY Husband Blog” a couple years back, I must admit that thoughts of making tons money and living the high life floated around in my head. I thought, “everyone will love what I have to say and life will be a piece of cake.”

*SPOILER ALERT* I. Was. Wrong… I had that thought 2 years ago and here I am finally. Actually starting my blog. Without the glam and glory.

So again I ask: Why Blog? What’s the point? Who Cares?

And again I respond: I do.

You see, I came to the realization after my son was born that life was going to get harder (go figure…), I have a lot more weaknesses than originally anticipated, and I kinda suck at being a “good” person. It was at that point that I really started to get the wheels turning and said “HEY! What a great time to start my long anticipated blog.”

And there you have it. Out of the dust and muck of some pretty harsh realizations I have arose to write.

I write to realize. I write to learn. I write to be better person.

Sure, if something great arises out of your blog (like make $1 Million Dollars)… I bet you, like any other person, would run with it and try to take it full time. But, if not, keep in mind why you write. Let’s be honest, it’s definitely a dream of mine to do something like this full time and be rolling in the cash…

So here’s my point *insert drumroll here*…

Find your “WHY” and stick to it.

The WHY behind everything is WHY we do anything. I want to be a better husband, a better father, and a better person. I want to be more real/raw/outspoken. This is my place to do that.

And so, my fellow readers/bloggers/facebook scrollers… What’s your WHY?

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