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Alright… we did it. We joined the “mattress in a box” movement. My big booty (and sympathy pregnancy weight) had created a nice little canoe in our mattress that carried me off to dreamland every night. That same canoe also woke me up every morning with a sweet dose of wonderful back pain. The perfect way to start the day, am I right?

Then, the stars aligned. I got in contact with Eight Sleep and they had the solution to my problem. It wasn’t long after our chat when they shipped out a mattress along with their “smart mattress topper.” Not only would I have a canoe-less mattress, I would also have the ability to learn my sleeping habits and track how well I slept every day so I can improve! Awesome.

After two weeks of anticipation… the mattress arrived…

The First Week…

Alright. Real Talk. The first week I didn’t sleep as well as I had expected. (Mind you, our previous mattress had a pillow topper and low support that I was used to sleeping on) The new mattress, according to the website, is medium-firm. Which translates to extremely firm for my wife and I. It was almost like sleeping on the floor at first. However, the saving grace was when sleeping on my back. Never before had my booty sunk softly into a mattress to receive a nice cushy hug while supporting my back at the same time.

Once the first week was over, we were finally getting use to the mattress and not waking up with any “morning aches.” I guess that can be expected when you first try out a totally new type of mattress. It was a bit of a risk, but after watching a lot of reviews on YouTube and reading an in-depth/scientific review from Sleepopolis, I was pretty confident it would work for us. Lo and behold, it does.

The “Smart Topper”/iOS App

Now for the cool part. I downloaded the iOS app and put on the “smart” mattress topper. It was easy to install as it simply fits over the mattress (under your regular sheets) and then you plug the “hub” into the wall and then into the plug on the topper. After you follow the simple setup instructions on the app, you select which side of the bed you sleep on and you’re good to go!

Another nice feature is that you can schedule when your mattress heats up before and after you jump into bed. If you’re a coffee person, you can start your coffee maker in the morning and even control the dimness of your lights (if you have the “smart” appliances) just by getting out of bed.

As for the tracking part of the app, it is able to tell you:

  • When you got into bed

  • When you fell asleep

  • Your light sleep

  • Your deep sleep (REM sleep)

  • How many times you tossed and turned

  • Your heart rate

  • Your respiratory rate

  • The temperature of your bed

  • When you wake up

  • When you get out of bed

Then, after all of that, the mattress will give you a “sleep score” to tell you how well you slept. For me personally, it’s incredible to see how well I sleep the days I eat well and exercise versus the days I don’t. Granted, you don’t need a little machine to tell you that most of the time; but, having the historical data helps show you if your habits improve your sleep or not.

Now, it takes awhile for the smart mattress to learn how you sleep the first couple of weeks. So don’t go on expecting perfection right out of the box. To help the system out, you can make edits to the in/out of bed times to make the reports more accurate.  

Final Thoughts

It’s now been a month since my wife and I have slept on the Eight Sleep mattress. As I mentioned above, it took some time to get used to, but we have never slept better. The mattress gives us great back support while still allowing us to sleep on in any position we want.  Plus, we officially have the data to prove it.

And that’s pretty rad.

*I received this mattress in collaboration with Eight Sleep for my honest review*

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