Help Your Husband Look Better in Denim

I’m glad you’re here. I also believe that all hope is not lost for you and your significant other. As promised by the title, we are going to talk about helping your husband go from looking like he came straight from the local thrift store to him looking like the hottest man in your life.

First things first, how do you even begin to have the conversation with him that his style is sub-par and that his baggy jeans and white New Balance shoes have to go?

1. Start Slow: Ask what you can do first.

Conversations about change are always easier when you are the one seeking change first. Ask your spouse what clothes they like on you best or if they would like to see you try something else. Then, while you’re already at the store, suggest that you go looking for some new jeans for them. Sneaky. But effective.

2. Remind them to keep an open mind.

When you go suggesting new styles… remind them to keep an open mind; AND, when a new style looks good… tell them that they have never looked better. Men especially love being told that they look amazing from their spouse (even if they don’t say they like it!). That little ego boost goes a long way when trying on a new style. Then, over time, other people will be giving them compliments as well and the change will be complete!

But what specific things should you be looking for in a pair of jeans? With hundreds of options from various fits, styles, and washes it can be hard to find what will be best for your husband. If you’re not sure, start here:

1. Find the right fit

This is absolutely the first place to begin. Make sure that you have the proper waist and length picked out. Then, depending on your husband's body shape, choose the right “fit.” Fits, for example, come in various styles: skinny, slim, slim straight, straight, relaxed, and loose. For starters, avoid skinny, relaxed, loose, and anything with a boot cut. If it starts to flare out at the knee, it’s a no-go. If your husband has a larger build then go with a straight fit. If he’s more athletic, try a slim or slim straight.

For me personally, I’ve found the slim straight Extreme Motion jeans from Lee that I picked up at JCPenney to be the best fit. They taper down at the knee while having just the right amount of stretch in them to fit around my fat thighs.