7 Quick Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe this Halloween

Updated: Feb 22

HALLOWEEN IS ALMOST HERE! And that usually brings about two types of people. You have those that are totally amped:


And those that are a little, well, less amped…


Regardless of which type of person you may be, chances are, you are going to be out trick or treating with your kids. Or by yourself. If you’re into that sort of thing.

But, before you go out on Halloween night, here are a few Halloween safety tips and tricks to keep you and the kiddos safe this year:

1. Have a Well Balanced Meal

Weird one to start with. I know. I know. However, this one will be important for a couple of reasons. You want everyone to be fueled and ready to go for the long walk you are about to embark on and you want your kids to be full so they avoid going on a candy-eating binge later… we all know why…


2. Be Sure to Be Seen

Just because you can see the driver coming down the road doesn’t mean they can see you. Be sure to have a flashlight with you, wear clothing that reflects light, or keep glow sticks handy so that traffic will see you when crossing the street. As the parent, make sure you are extra visible and noticeable by your kids. Feel free to get creative here…


3. Plan your Route

Although you may know your neighborhood well, it never hurts to be prepared. Plan out the route you will be trick-or-treating with your kids so that in the off chance someone gets lost from the group they will know where you will be and how to get home. This is especially important for parents to know what route their older kids, typically age 12 or older, will be taking if they are heading out with just their friends for the first time.

Also, use this time to plan a route that will keep you in well lit areas and to plan a specific time that you will leave and get home. (Typical trick-or-treat hours range from 5pm to 8pm depending on your neighborhood)

4. Wear Comfy Shoes

Nobody wants hurt feet. Simple enough.


5. Never Go Alone

Always stay with a group. Younger children should always be accompanied by an adult and older children (preteen or older) should be with friends of similar age or older. For extra precautions, make sure at least one person in the group has a cell phone.

6. Stranger Danger

Although you will probably know most of the people you will be visiting (or at least know the neighborhood), don’t go into a home or vehicle of someone you don’t know and don’t knock on doors of homes where the lights are turned off. MAKE THIS ESPECIALLY CLEAR TO YOUR KIDS.

7. Candy Check

After all of the trick or treating is over, children will be digging through their bags for all of their favorite candies. And parents will be plopping onto the couch to start the Netflix binge. BUT! resist that ever so strong urge and take a quick moment to review the candy of your children. Be sure to throw out candies that weren’t wrapped all the way, fell out of a wrapper, or that seem to have been tampered with. Then confiscate your favorite candies and feel free to watch Stranger Things to your heart’s desire.


Tips for Non Trick-Or-Treaters

1. Drive Safe

Be sure to drive even slower around neighborhoods as there may be some people that are wearing dark clothing that will be difficult to see.  Also, DON’T BE ON YOUR PHONE WHEN YOU ARE DRIVING.

2. Safety Check Your Home

If you will be the one handing out candy at the homestead, be sure that leaves and ice/snow have been cleared to avoid any accidents.

3. Turn on Your Lights

Turn on your porch lights, and replace burnt-out lights, to help light the way for people along the street. This will also let people know you are accepting trick-or-treaters.

4. Leash Your Furry Friends

Some people that may come to your door could either be terrified or allergic to some animals. It’ll be best to tie up your beloved pets for the hour or two that people will be knocking on your door.

5. Keep it Clear

Whether you have toys strewn about from the previous day’s activities or you have the best Halloween decorations on the block in front of your house, make sure there is a clear pathway for visitors to reach your door safely.

Even after following all of these Halloween safety tips you should remember one thing… Have Fun out there!


Author: Andrew McFarlane

Andrew McFarlane is a full-time dad and a parenting blogger. He shares advice for new parents, experienced parents, and any parent in-between at PapaPerspective.com. He does this through positive parenting methods, the best parenting gear, and lots of laughter. When he's not blogging about the best parenting practices, he'll be out taking photos, playing hockey, or spending time with his wife and 2 boys.