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Let’s get real here. Once you get married, a good majority of us tend to slack off a bit. We eat McDonalds a bit more than we should (especially with young kids…) and we go to the gym a little bit less (you know, because of work and/or… kids). So what’s the end result? We start to lose our wedding day sexiness a bit.

Now let’s get REAL real.

This “we” is me. BUT! I’m working on reversing that through exercise, healthy eating, and all that jazz.

However, working on this beautiful dad bod isn’t the only thing that has been built up over the years. Plaque, stains, and grossness have joined in on the party. Yes. I’m talking about my lovely smile that has been tainted by the very things that bring me joy (curse you ice cream and burritos!!!).

Then along came my fairy toothmother… Smile Brilliant. The custom teeth whitening/”bringer back of your sexy smile” solution.

I must say, the whole process was pretty quick and very smooth. All you have to do are a few things:

  1. Order the dang stuff

  2. Make your impressions and mail them back

  3. Receive your teeth trays and whitening solutions

  4. Use the dang stuff

It takes a wee bit of time in waiting for the impression kit to arrive, send back, and receive again (about 2-3 weeks). But, at the end of the day, you get whitening trays that fit perfectly to YOUR teeth. The trays will make sure that your teeth all get hugged, loved, and whitened appropriately.

What’s even better, is the staff at Smile Brilliant have been AMAZING. Throughout the process, I sometimes felt a little bit too much tooth sensitivity after a whitening session. I reached out to a Smile Brilliant teeth whitening assistant and she gave me some pointers on how to eliminate the risk of over sensitivity (i.e. whiten every other day, only put a certain amount of whitening gel in the tray, etc.). Then, after following the coaching, I haven’t had any issues since.

The whole experience has been quite pleasant AND it’s easy to see results only after a few Smile Brilliant teeth whitening sessions. So yes, after the month or so of whitening, I do have a sexier smile. And yes, my beautiful wife loves it.

Still working on the dad bod though…  

and… AND!! In case you want to get a free Smile Brilliant teeth whitening kit…

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