Finally… an easy gift for men this Valentine’s Day

Updated: Aug 18, 2019

Ok. Let’s be real here. One of the complaints I hear most about myself, and men in general, is that we are hard to find gifts for. We always seem to say “I don’t know” when asked what we want. I get it. It’s happened to me when I’ve tried shopping for a buddy of mine or my own dad; but, this time around I found an easy gift for men this Valentine’s Day (or women!)… Let me explain.

If your significant other is anything like me (a goof of a dad) there’s always room for improvement in one department…


It all dates back to my high school days when I first struggled with this. I didn’t see the importance of looking like an upstanding citizen. The plain white T-shirt and sweatpants just didn’t cut it. Then, one day, one of my friends came to me and called me out on my sloppy threads.. She sent me on a mission to buy a shirt with designs on it and some “semi” fitted blue jeans… and I was on my way upwards from there.

Now, some 8 years later (plus marriage to my sweetheart), I’m actively seeking ways to improve my style. Whether it be a buttoned shirt, nice shoes (something other than sneakers), or a sleek wood watch there is always a way to up your style. Dressing well demonstrates that you care about yourself while also demanding respect from others. Plus, your significant other will appreciate how much sexier you look.

To help you out this Valentine’s Day, I’ve paired with JORD Wood Watches to give you a chance to win $100 towards a new wood watch! Even if you don’t win in the end, you still get a discount code for 10% off. Click the link below to enter! (Hurry! The contest ends 2/18)  Feel free to check out their men’s watches and their women’s watches, too. They will definitely make a unique gift this Valentine’s Day, especially if you decide to do a custom watch engraving!

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