Fifty fun family fall festivities

As Autumn arrives, so does the cooler weather, jackets, pumpkins, pies, and apple spice. All of these combined (with the fact that Christmas is just around the corner!!! Too soon?…), Fall is definitely my favorite time of year. So, in honor of the season, here are fifty fun fall family activities that you can do this year! (or in the years to come)

Awesome Autumn Activities

  1. Apple picking

  2. Make caramel apples

  3. Make an apple pie

  4. Make homemade apple cider

  5. Family photos in apple orchard

  6. Hay bail rides

  7. Get lost in some local corn mazes

  8. Do some Fall cleaning to prep for winter and redecorate your home with fall accents

  9. Run to Home Depot or Walmart and get supplies to winterize your home (great teaching opportunity for kids)

  10. Rake up the leaves… then jump in them!

  11. See who can find the crunchiest leaf on an afternoon walk

  12. Make sugar cookies in the shapes of leaves and share them with friends and neighbors

  13. Have a pumpkin pie baking contest

  14. Have a pumpkin pie eating contest

  15. Go for a hike in the canyons/mountains/desert near you (TAKE YOUR CAMERA!)

  16. Go take photos of the landscapes in your area

  17. Grab some friends and neighbors and play football

  18. Collect the fall leaves and laminate them for a scrapbook

  19. Go for wagon rides around the block with the kids (wear jackets!)

  20. Go to local High School or College football games

  21. Tailgate at a Football game

  22. Find some Fall leaves to make leaf stamps


  1. Go to a pumpkin patch and take pictures

  2. Create a Halloween Music playlist

  3. Find pumpkins at your local grocery stores

  4. Find pumpkins at a pumpkin patch and have your kids cut them off the vine! (Family favorite of ours)

  5. Find a pumpkin patch with a kiddie area and go on the train rides or other fair rides

  6. Go to a “Halloween Spirit” store (they pop up in random warehouses) and find a costume

  7. Go to your local Halloween costume store for family ideas for costumes

  8. Take your ideas for family costumes and bring them to life by buying the pieces of clothing you need at a thrift store

  9. Go to a thrift store and see what costumes or weird clothes they have lying around and make up your own makeshift costume!

  10. Look on Pinterest for Halloween facepaint ideas then practice on your kids faces for Halloween

  11. Put together a Halloween party for your neighbors

  12. Decorate your home for Halloween (inside and out!)

  13. Decorate your kids’ “candy bag” as a family

  14. Create a “Spell Book” as a Halloween Decoration with funny spells that your kids come up with or family inside jokes


  1. Put together a football watching party for your friends and neighbors

  2. Create a link chain around your house with each paper link being something a member of the family is grateful for (see how long the chain gets!)

  3. Decorate Thanksgiving day bibs for everyone in the family! (Great for putting those family nicknames on!)

  4. Make Thanksgiving turkey decorations out of pinecones

  5. Build a “Thankful Tree” out of hand prints

  6. Make a “Turkey Wreath” for your door

  7. Make a Fall Wreath out of pinecones, leaves, and pumpkins

  8. Make rice crispy treats to take to friends and neighbors

  9. Make Scarecrows out of burlap sacks and old clothes for house decorations

  10. Make thank you cards using your thumb to make a leafy tree

  11. Donate canned foods to your local homeless shelter

  12. Volunteer at a nearby soup kitchen to help with their Thanksgiving meal

  13. Join a Turkey Trot 5k Run

  14. Go Turkey Shooting (Balloons and Nerf Gun style!)

What are some of the fun activities you enjoy doing with your family in the Fall that I might have missed?? Let me know in the comment section below!

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