Timex, A Great Gift for Dad this Father’s Day

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

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Finding the perfect gift for dad every Father’s day can be tough. I know that every time it comes around I’m turning to my siblings or my mom to see what my dad would like. Then, reflecting on my own personal situation, my wife also finds it hard to shop for me! Whenever holidays or my birthday comes around I get the same ol’ question, “What would you like this year?” As dads, we usually run into a problem with this for one of two reasons:

1. We genuinely don’t want or need anything at the moment

2. What we want is some stupidly expensive toy that definitely won’t fit the monthly budget

Well, luckily there are plenty of items out there that regardless of want or need make great gifts for dad on Father’s day.

One of those items is a classic wrist watch. Why? For three reasons:

1. Wristwatches are Classy

If there’s one thing I always saw my dad or grandfather wear, it was a watch. Watches are simple ways to help dress you up and rarely go out of style. My friends over at Timex have a huge variety of watches for anyone to choose a perfect Father's Day gift that will fit your dad.

2. Watches are Convenient

In the day and age of phones, it almost seems odd to still be sporting a watch. However, and this may sound odd, but it’s a lot of work to pull your phone out of your pocket vs. simply looking at your wrist. Plus, it’s something the older generation is used to as watches have been used to keep us humans on time for years.

3. Watches make great Family Heirlooms

Something watches are great for is a family heirloom. A watch can become a symbol of something that one believes in, and when you pass on, it can be a perfect gift for those left behind to remember your legacy.

So, if I’ve convinced you why you should pick a watch as a Father’s Day gift for this year, be sure to check out Timex to find the perfect watch for your dad.