Essential Winter Clothes for Dads to Stay Warm, Comfortable, and Really Really Good Looking

My fellow dads, I get it. Winter comes around and you just want to throw on your old boots, warm socks, sweats, and you’re favorite college team sweater. Why do we do it? Because it’s cozy and comfortable. Obviously. Is that a bad thing? Generally no… but, our wives do appreciate it when we try a little.

Over the last few years, I’ve been slowly turning in old pants and jackets to our local thrift stores as my wife’s influence has made it into my closet. It’s taken some time, patience, and thanking my old ratty clothes for the memories (thanks Marie Kondo); but, I think she has helped me dress better to my shape and size. I no longer embarrass her by strolling out of the house looking like a vagabond.

In order for you yourself, or for your husband, to look sharp this winter season, here are a few tips to get you on the right track. These essential winter clothes will keep you warm and in style all season long:

1. Find versatile layers

Pick out colors that complement each other and styles that keep you warm. A solid color puff jacket will help save you money as it will work with many different button-down shirts or henley long sleeves. Finding layers that work well together helps keep you warm and save money in the long run.

My favorite jacket to layer with has been the St. Johns Bay Outdoor flannel-lined lightweight shirt jacket. The light brown works with so many different flannels of mine (like the American Outdoorsman red fleece-lined flannel in the photo to the right).

2. Pick the right colors and styles

Winter is the time to wear cool and dark colors. Greys, blacks, deep reds, forest greens, browns, etc. These blend well with the scenery and look great on everyone. I was able to find some great color combinations in jackets, flannels, and other button-down shirts at JCPenney. Some of my favorites came from their St. John’s Bay Outdoor apparel line they released.