The Perfect Custom Pillow: Pluto

Updated: Aug 18, 2019

Alright. Back to the topic we all love. Sleep. As a parent, it’s one of the most sacred things you possess. Sleep is your opportunity to recharge, recoup, and get some time ALONE (besides hiding in the closet eating from your hidden stash of candy). So, finding the best tools to aid your sacred time to re-energize as a parent is key.

One of those tools I found is this here magical pillow from Pluto. No, not the planet (obviously) but the guys that let you customize your pillow to all of your sleeping needs and desires. In short, here’s how it works straight from them:

Yep. It was that simple for me. You answer a few questions and then a couple days later, the pillow shows up at your door.

Now, I must say, I’m used to soft and squishy pillows from the get-go; yet, this pillow took a few nights to get there. Also, the quilt pattern was a bit different (but that’s hidden by your pillowcase anyway). However, after a few weeks of sleeping on it, I can say that I would recommend this to any parent trying to get a better night’s rest. What’s cool, is that my wife ended up getting a totally different pillow based on what she likes (which is great so she doesn’t steal my pillows anymore).

Altogether, I think the pillow is great but it is a wee bit smaller than I would’ve liked. I gave that same feedback to Pluto myself and, to my surprise, they informed me they are working on making KING SIZE PILLOWS.  

Which I will definitely have to try out.

P.S. In case you are interested in getting one yourself, they gave me a coupon code: theheydudedad for $25 off your pillow! Visit to check it out!

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