Double birthday – Eli story (part 3)

(continued from “A Broken Heart”)

So it’s September 14, which means, it’s Melanie’s Birthday!! But, it also means, it’s the day we head to the hospital to meet Eli! (yes, Melanie was going to be induced on her birthday. She’s a champ, just sayin).

We enjoyed the evening together getting pedicures and eating at one of them fancy Japanese food places where they cook in front of you. We sat there at our table with a noticeable glow on our faces. We were soon to be parents!!

(Did I just quickly glance over the fact that I got a pedicure with my wife? Yes. But was it glorious? Absolutely. I’m supportive. What can I say. But Melanie was happy and now had bright orange toenails.)

So fast forward a few hours and an amazing meal later, we are in the hospital. We made it…

Soon after arrival, nurses began the process of inducing Melanie into labor. Now lemme tell you, I haven’t felt so terrible before in my life. Watching someone you love go through so much pain while you are the cheerleader on the side isn’t one for the highlight reel. But a few nearly broken fingers of mine and an epidural later, we were resting… sort of…

“Doctor Draper is coming! Doctor Draper is coming!”

“Ok and push!”


Melanie: “He’s so beautiful!”

Andrew: “He looks Asian…”

Yep. I thought that someone goofed up in heaven ‘cause our little boy did not look like us at all. I mean, black hair? Yeah, you could say I was a little astonished.

Soon after Eli was born, however, he needed to be transferred through the window of our room to the NICU right next door. Melanie was still a little preoccupied with the “part 2” of a delivery (I’ll spare you all the details here) and I was getting ready to head over to see Eli.

The nurses had me wash my hands (multiple times) and put on the hair net and coughing mask. A few minutes and some long hallways later, I stepped into the NICU to meet Eli. It was a surreal moment. I was in shock that I was now a father. But even more aware of how real this new trial in my life was about to unfold…

Story Continued: Hell Week

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