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Updated: Aug 18, 2019

So, I don’t know about you guys… but holidays that involve gift giving are particularly tough for me. Everytime another one comes around I worry about defaulting to the same ol’ gifts. Chocolates for Valentine’s day. Ties for Father’s day. Flowers for Mother’s day. Oh, and don’t forget the cheesy Hallmark Card. It’s as if these “things” become part of the routine. And once something like a holiday becomes part of a routine, the meaning can be lost. Which, in essence, defeats the purpose of the holiday…

So, with Mother’s day just around the corner, what should you do? Well, upon a stroke of luck, I got connected with Luhvee (“Lovey”). They made this Mother’s day gift easy, simple, and more meaningful than ever. In short, they help you create a short story to say how much you love and appreciate Mom.  It was perfect for me since they also connect with your Instagram to load in the photos! Plus, I was able to do an image check for the quality of the photos to make sure they would print well.

All in all, it was simple and fun! But, the best part, was definitely mom’s reaction! So, here are the thoughts of my lovely wife.


Hi all! Behind every Hey Dude Dad, is a Hey Dude MOM! I’m the lucky lady who has these two, goofy dudes in my life. I was completely surprised by the Luhvee book and I absolutely adore it! Andrew is a great gift giver and I have been spoiled in the past with great gifts, but this present meant more to me because it was not something that he could have bought at Target. I could see the meaningful effort that he had put in to gathering the pictures and writing out all the reasons he loves me. The book made me feel special. As a mother, you sometimes feel like you aren’t qualified or aren’t enough, but this book helped to show me the things my boys love about me which helps me feel like I am enough. I’ll be honest, the pictures my husband chose would NOT be the pictures I would have chosen ( some of them were unflattering in the worst ways), but it is fun to see myself as my family sees me–a goofy a mom who loves her boys. I truly will cherish this book because it tells my story from my boy’s perspective.

P.s. If you are interested in making your own book for Mother’s Day, follow the link below and use code HEYDUDE20 for 20% off your order!

Luhvee: https://www.luhvee.com

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