7 Things that Help you Spend Quality Time with Family

Updated: Feb 26

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Life over the last year has been really something, hasn’t it? I mean, short of a tornado full of sharks we really have gone through a lot. Schools, restaurants, and everything else closed down and we were forced to adapt to being stuck in our own 4 walls for months. Then, as things slowly started to open up again, we were forced back to our own homes. We’ve been working from home, doing school from home, and making sourdough bread from home (you know you tried it… or almost did).

After all, that time stuck in our own place, we got a little stir crazy and needed to get away. So, we headed out to stay in a cozy cabin near some stunning red rocks in the middle of nowhere around southern Utah. While here, I realized that there are some awesome things that can help each of us spend more QUALITY time with our families. We’ve been cooped up with family over the last year, but these items will help make that time more meaningful…

Here are 7 things that help you spend more quality time with your family:

1. Board games

Love em’ or hate em’, these are a great way to make people put the phones away and either have a dramatic strategic battle (that puts familial relationships to the test) or get out of their comfort zone with a goofy party game. I’m a fan of the goofy party games since those can make even the most serious of family members crack a smile.

2. Disposable Plates, Cups, & Utensils

We love using Chinet® Classic WhiteTM plates, Chinet® Cut Crystal® cups, and Chinet® Cut Crystal® utensils during our meals at home or while on vacation so that we can save time doing dishes. I never liked being the one stuck doing dishes on vacation after a meal, so using disposable plates in these situations help us get that valuable time back to do more with those we love.

3. Movies

Whether they be horror, drama, or comedy movies are always a great way to get everyone to snuggle up on the couch for a scare, cry, or laugh. And don’t forget the chips and popcorn to share!