19 Perfect Gifts for your Dad or Husband (from FREE to $50)

First things first... I want to apologize on behalf of all dads out there and say: I'm sorry we are so hard to shop for. I know the feeling, I've tried shopping for my own dad and father-in-law. Whenever you ask a dude, "Hey, what would you like for [insert holiday/occasion here]" the usual response is going to be, "I don't know."

Well, to help solve the issue of finding a cool gift for the dad in your life, I hope to make it easier to find the perfect gift for dad with this list of 19 Gifts for Dad that are either FREE or up to $50 (so you don't have to break the bank.

All of these items on this list are either items that I currently have (and LOVE) or are things that I would personally love to receive! I hope they give you some good ideas to get some last-minute gifts for your dad or husband!

My personal favorites are #11, #16, and #18!!

1. Groove Life Wedding Ring ($20 - $30)

Occasionally your husband, dad, or grandpa will misplace his ring. Sometimes, that may be for an extended period of time... Why does this happen? Maybe the metal wore down and is uncomfortable or maybe he ate too much Turkey this year and it doesn't fit... Enter, the Groove Life ring. I've been using one of these for a year now and never take it off. It's comfortable and looks great. It's the perfect gift for dad or the perfect gift for your husband this year.

2. Wrist Magnet for DIY Projects [$11]

Who knows, maybe you'll be the one using this gift more often than your dad or significant other. I know that when I'm doing DIY projects I'm usually sticking the flat ends of nails and screws in my mouth to hold... This wrist magnet helps keep those sharp objects in a safe and convenient place. Again, the perfect gift for the DIY dad.

3. Multi-use Hammer Tool [$22]

There isn't a dad I know that wouldn't be jazzed about another tool. Heck, I just bought a garage tool storage cabinet with plenty of room for more tools. Plus, this multi-use tool will be great for simple and quick DIY projects around the house.

4. Universal Socket Tool [$21]

Digging through your tool chest to find the right socket (especially the always missing 10mm...) is quite the pain. Plus, there are some odd objects and shapes that are tough for older hands to remove. This universal socket tool is perfect for pulling out random objects with a drill to make the job easy. This will make a great gift for any dad or grandpa.