19 Perfect Gifts for your Dad or Husband (from FREE to $50)

First things first... I want to apologize on behalf of all dads out there and say: I'm sorry we are so hard to shop for. I know the feeling, I've tried shopping for my own dad and father-in-law. Whenever you ask a dude, "Hey, what would you like for [insert holiday/occasion here]" the usual response is going to be, "I don't know."

Well, to help solve the issue of finding a cool gift for the dad in your life, I hope to make it easier to find the perfect gift for dad with this list of 19 Gifts for Dad that are either FREE or up to $50 (so you don't have to break the bank.

All of these items on this list are either items that I currently have (and LOVE) or are things that I would personally love to receive! I hope they give you some good ideas to get some last-minute gifts for your dad or husband!

My personal favorites are #11, #16, and #18!!

1. Groove Life Wedding Ring ($20 - $30)

Occasionally your husband, dad, or grandpa will misplace his ring. Sometimes, that may be for an extended period of time... Why does this happen? Maybe the metal wore down and is uncomfortable or maybe he ate too much Turkey this year and it doesn't fit... Enter, the Groove Life ring. I've been using one of these for a year now and never take it off. It's comfortable and looks great. It's the perfect gift for dad or the perfect gift for your husband this year.

2. Wrist Magnet for DIY Projects [$11]

Who knows, maybe you'll be the one using this gift more often than your dad or significant other. I know that when I'm doing DIY projects I'm usually sticking the flat ends of nails and screws in my mouth to hold... This wrist magnet helps keep those sharp objects in a safe and convenient place. Again, the perfect gift for the DIY dad.

3. Multi-use Hammer Tool [$22]

There isn't a dad I know that wouldn't be jazzed about another tool. Heck, I just bought a garage tool storage cabinet with plenty of room for more tools. Plus, this multi-use tool will be great for simple and quick DIY projects around the house.

4. Universal Socket Tool [$21]

Digging through your tool chest to find the right socket (especially the always missing 10mm...) is quite the pain. Plus, there are some odd objects and shapes that are tough for older hands to remove. This universal socket tool is perfect for pulling out random objects with a drill to make the job easy. This will make a great gift for any dad or grandpa.

5. RTIC 30 oz Mug [$20]

I personally have been using an RTIC 30 oz mug for just under a year now. I can say it's the best tumbler I've ever used. The rubber seal ring stays in great shape, ice takes forever to melt, and hot drinks actually stay hot for an extended period of time. I've used many different tumblers and this one is one of the best. This will for sure be a great gift for dad on any holiday.

6. Carhartt (or another brand) Beanie [$7-$17]

A simple classic gift during the winter is a brand new beanie. If you're looking for a beanie that will stand the test of time, I'd recommend Carhartt. If you're looking for a budget-friendly beanie, you can check out many of the other brands at your local Walmart or online at Amazon.

7. STANCE Socks [$10-$25]

I know, I know... No one wants to open socks for Christmas, their birthday, etc... But these are STANCE socks! They are like putting clouds from heaven on your feet. They last a long time and are extremely comfortable. In fact, the only brand of socks I consistently buy and wear is Stance.

8. Leatherman (multiuse tool) [$30-$100]

A classic multi-use tool that has stood the test of time. These usually end up on the more expensive side due to their high quality, however, there are some off-brands or lower-tier Leatherman tools that will slide into your budget nicely. A perfect tool for a dad with a truck or a dad that's always out and about.

9. Classic Shaving Kit [$25-$50]

Now, this is going to get you some style points. If your dad has been using the classic 3-5 blade razors and spending $15-$25 on a fresh set of blades every couple of weeks... PLEASE introduce him to the old fashioned way of shaving. I've been shaving with a safety razor, soap, and brush for 5 years now and I'll never go back. The soap and blades are cheap & the shave is even cleaner than the other razors I've tried. Using this razor virtually ended the irritating skin rashes from using the mainstream brand's tools.

10. Beard Care Complete Kit [$20-$30]

Even if your dad doesn't have a beard, this may be the perfect gift to help him get started in growing one. Getting a basic beard kit for the new beard grower is essential, in my opinion, because it gives a man what he needs to get through the "itchy" phase and thrive in the "growth" stage. Plus, any man with a beard should know how to properly take care of it to stay looking good.

11. Impact Drill [$50-$150]

I CAN'T RECOMMEND THIS TOOL ENOUGH. If you have a little extra cash, you'll find awesome deals at The Home Depot or Lowe's for a Drill and Impact Drill combo from $100-$150. The impact drill has made ALL the difference in my DIY projects. Normal drills strip a lot of bolts and screws... The impact drill avoids that with the way it "pounds" the screws in while turning. It's an ABSOLUTE game changer and the BEST gift for dad this holiday season on this list.

12. Manscaped Trimmer [$50]

This might get a little personal... Maybe save this gift for your husband or significant other instead of your dad. Or, get it for your dad anyway and relish in the awkward and hilarious commentary on the "package" of Manscape's Lawnmower 2.0. Dad's gotta mow the lawn all year round right?

13. Moccasin Slippers [$20-$50]

I don't know about you, but my dad always had a pair of moccasin slippers around the house. Now that I'm a dad, I understand why. I've personally gone through 3 or 4 pairs over the last 5+ years. They are comfortable, keep your feet warm, and look great. Or maybe they just make me look like a dad... Anyway, they make a great gift for any boyfriend, dad, or grandpa.

14. Shady Rays Sunglasses [$48]

Now, I recommend these sunglasses specifically for the 2 very same reasons that this company is in business. These sunglasses are affordable and they look great. There's even an added bonus that if you lose or break your sunglasses, you can order a replacement pair for only the price of shipping (in my case it was $9 when I lost my first pair - you can do this up to 2x). I can't recommend these enough! Absolutely amazing.

15. Massage/Spa Gift Card [$50]

Look, dads need a moment of relaxation and repair too. All of the heavy lifting of children, grilling, and DIY projects can put some bad knots in your back. Sending your husband, boyfriend, dad, etc. to a local spa for a massage is always an appreciated gift.

16. IOU Date Night (with pre-arranged babysitting) [FREE - $50]

The key to this is "Pre-arranged babysitting". Giving the gift of a date night without the kids can be just what you and your husband need to rekindle a relationship or even keep it going strong. It's as FREE or as expensive as you want to make it!

17. "I Got You, You Relax" Coupon Pack of 5 [FREE]

This is a great gift that can help your husband or dad out when he needs it most. Some days at home with the kids or days at work can be tough... All he needs is a night to truly unwind and not have to worry about anything. Giving a mini "coupon" book to have one of these nights every so often can help him rest up to be rested and ready for the next day.

18. Write a Poem, Song, or a nice letter of gratitude and appreciation [FREE]

Sometimes, giving the gift of some words of affirmation could be even better than any tangible gift. When you write out all of the reasons you are grateful for someone and share it with them, that can make all the difference in someone's life. Many times, tangible gifts like a phone or gaming system will fade away. But, people will keep notes and letters for a lifetime.

19. Package of Dad's Favorite Snacks [$5-$50]

If it were me, I'd be happy getting hundreds of bags of flavored popcorn for any special occasion. Find out what your husband, dad, or grandpa's favorite treats are and put together a goodie bag with all of them! It's a relatively cheap but meaningful gift that will definitely be a favorite.

So, what have I missed on this list? What are you getting for your husband, dad, or grandpa this year??

I'm thinking about doing a mixture of 18 & 19!! Let me know below!

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