10 ways to make some extra Christmas cash

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

Look I get it. Money doesn’t grow on trees. And, heck. For some of us (including myself), the only exercise we got the month of November is running… Out of cash. We’ve all got 99 problems and money can fix 90 of em’. What we would give for an extra couple bucks; especially this time of year when you want to get the coolest bunny slippers for your parents, a slinky for Sally, and a poop emoji pillow for your uncle Paul. Well, it’s actually not too difficult! And to help get your wheels turning, here are a few ideas to fill the bank account this holiday season.

1. Surveys (Time: Quick | Difficulty: Super Easy)

Hey. Stop it. I know what you just did. You rolled your eyes as you were instantly reminded of all of the ads you’ve seen promising riches off of these things. Then, after you tried it, you realized you couldn’t receive financial freedom off of $5.35 every 100 surveys. No, I’m not talking about those surveys.

I’m talking about larger software review companies that actually pay you what your opinion is worth. Companies likeGartner*, Capterra*, and G2 Crowd are what I’m talking about. This month I’ve made $300+ off of software reviews. Note, these companies do have limits. At Capterra you can earn up to $100 for doing 10 surveys and Gartner will give you up to $25 a survey up to 10 surveys in a calendar year.

So yes, you can pay for a good portion of your holiday shopping off of software review surveys. It’s easy and only takes an hour or two to max out your total earnings.

*These are referral links that give me $5 when you complete your first survey. Wanted to let you know so there is full transparency. Because we don’t like that sneaky-moochy neighbor that always “forgets” that the neighborhood party is a potluck and didn’t bring anything.

2. Use Your Car (Time: Quick | Difficulty: Medium)

This well-known trick is simple. Drive for Uber or Lyft in your spare time, mornings, or evenings. You could even use one of these tools as a part of your daily commute to work to make some extra cash. On top of that, these ride-sharing companies will typically offer an extra $500 or a guaranteed $2000+ on your first month* after you give your first ride (depending on their current promotions).

But, did you also know you could simply rent out your car? If you have a nice vehicle that just sits in the garage or on the driveway most of the time, you can rent out your car through companies like Turo. After signing up, you set the price and let people book your car for certain times or days and you watch as your car makes money for you as you sit at home!

*Requirements and restrictions may apply to these

3. Watch TV (Time: Long | Difficulty: Easy)

Yes, it’s true. You can make money off of watching TV. But mind you, the process is like those “surveys” we talked about previously. You’ll maybe get a few extra bucks signing up at the beginning but don’t expect to make too much. But if you watch a lot of TV, it’ll be a nice little “bump” up in the bank account every once in a while.