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Hey! I'm Andrew,

Becoming a parent doesn't have to be as terrifying as it seems.


I'm here to provide advice for new parents, experienced parents, and parents in between. Learn how to be a better parent with the Papa Perspective by reading about positive parenting practices, learning new life skills, and finding the tools you need to succeed!

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How The Papa Perspective Can Help You...

The transition into parenthood is a life-changing event. There are so many things you need to learn and do, but it doesn’t have to be as scary or difficult as we think!


There's a lot of advice for new parents, experienced parents, and parents in between out on the internet. At the Papa Perspective, I bring all of that advice to you in an easy-to-find format that's jam-packed with helpful, easy-to-find information.

I have a couple of kids of my own and I know how hard it is sifting through all of the child rearing parenting advice... With everything going on in the world, we just want the best for our kids and sometimes need help building the parenting skills to do so.

Here you'll find up to date parenting advice to help improve your parenting skills that will set you up for success with your long term relationships with your kids.

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Mental Stages of Parenthood

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Parenting is changing...

find a few topics here to boost your parenting skills and confidence in child rearing:

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